Our client, a Vancouver-based silver company with multiple operating mines is seeking a Mine Surveyor immediately. This position will report to Senior Engineer and be responsible for all underground and surface survey work. 

This position is responsible for the calculated mathematical measurements that are involved in the safe creation and maintenance of mining sites. Topological measurements obtained aboveground and underground are used by the surveyor to produce detailed mappings of mining locations.

The successful candidate will possess extensive surveying experience and offer a great deal of expertise to the company. 

  • Exhibit varied experience in mining and surveying
  • Use innovative methods for collecting accurate survey information
  • Ability to respond to issues or concerns from management and provide recommendations 
  • Develop surveying work plans 
  • Design project budgets and monitor project progress to determine any deviation from budget
  • Knowledgeable in underground and surface mining operations and procedures
  • Possess excellent communication skills to present mappings and measurements of mining operations to management and clients at meetings and conferences
  • Research the current mining methods and updates of equipment available, such as drone use and robotics
  • Provide current working maps to operations for drift advancement and raise development
  • Manage data reports and field observations and produce regular interval reports for stakeholders, management or clients
  • Create as-built surveys of current underground working areas
  • Install and carry control up and down vertical development
  • Perform volume surveys for surface stockpiles and tailings
  • Perform cavity surveys for underground excavations and stopes
  • Install control for mining advance
  • Transfer drawings from design to underground work environment
  • Survey surface claim corners and location monuments
  • Site surveys for topography and building locations

The skill set required includes:

  • Possess a technical degree in surveying – Professional Land Surveyor, Licenced Surveyor, Professional Surveyor (Preferred but not required)
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in underground mine surveying
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in use of robotic total station and associated software
  • Familiar with the use of Trimble brand Total Station products or similar
  • Familiar with the use of Autodesk or Maptek software preferred
  • Ability to work within a team and efficiently independently as required by the job
  • Capacity to take direction and report to management 
  • Perform work in extreme weather and environmental conditions; work sites often have steep slopes and rugged terrain
  • Possess strong technical, oral and written communication skills
  • Produce detailed mappings and mathematical measurements for multiple aspects of mining operations
  • Adherence to safe work practices and wear personal protective equipment as required
  • Perform surveying functions and produce maps of surface and underground mines
  • Locate utility lines and permanent structures through surveying
  • Maintain and regularly calibrate surveying instruments and equipment
  • Design emergency maps for the mine and measure ventilation throughout the mine


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