Reporting to the Superintendent, Process Technology and Manager, Ore Processing they will provide expertise and technical support in metallurgy in order to ensure that plant employees are able to meet targets for throughput, metallurgical recovery and product quality in a safe and cost efficient manner


They will be responsible for, but not limited to the following:

? Supervise and maintain safety standards to ensure a safe working environment;

? Track Process and Recovery Plant operational performance, recovery efficiencies and Asset Management metrics;

? Develop Annual Ore Processing production plan & forecasts;

? Supervise & Regulate the Diamond Value Management system;

? Coordinate and review monthly reports for accuracy: KPI, operational metrics, reconciliation, etc.

? Recommend and drive process improvements and test plant to improve throughput and value recovery. Coordinate all metallurgical test work;

? Assist the Ore Processing Superintendents and Manager in providing accurate reports of production;

? Monitor diamond recovery and losses, diamond damage potential, provide plans to resolve any process efficiencies losses;

? Mentor plant metallurgists and lab technicians;

? Carry out plant capacity assessment and cut-size optimization evaluations annually;

? Provide technical support to Small Diamond Project or other project related to increase tonnage or diamond recovery;

? Support metallurgical superintendent on product safeguarding issues, diamond exporting;

? Address process and recovery plants technical issues


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