Summary – Our client is a world class mining company with operations around the globe. We are helping them to identify a number of Senior Geotechnical Engineer for one of their underground mines in Northern Canada. This person will be responsible for providing expertise, knowledge, and leadership in the areas of u/g rock mechanics; backfill (specifically CRF); design and installation of ground support; grouting; rock mass monitoring; instrumentation; numerical modeling.    

They will be responsible for, but not limited to the following:

  • Ensure safe and stable underground excavations in rock through proper rock mechanics design and monitoring.
  • Assist in issues related to underground hydrogeology (i.e. design of dewatering galleries, draw down monitoring, seepage mapping, inflow prediction etc.)
  • Provide technical and practical grouting support and expertise.
  • Manage and maintain quality control programs for backfill and ground support (including shotcrete).
  • Manage and maintain relevant and up to date Ground Control Management Plan and Mine Design.
  • Provide ground control and grouting training as required.
  • Manage and maintain a geotechnical program to ensure instrumentation and systems are relevant, functional, and properly maintained.
  • Conduct regular inspections of underground excavations and other critical infrastructure.
  • Participate in the capital and operating budgeting processes annually and as required.
  • Maintain an inventory of documents, geotechnical database, reports, and drawings.
  • Expanding position-relevant knowledge and skills through continuing self-directed or employer-sponsored professional development.

Qualifications/Experience etc:

  • Bachelor degree in Geotechnical engineering, Mine Engineering or other related field
  • A Minimum of 5 five years of relevant underground hard rock engineering experience preferred.
  • Knowledge of rock mechanics principles, monitoring methods, data and practices, and knowledge of the design, support, and excavation methods of underground mine structures, including backfilling techniques.
  • Knowledge of specialized geotechnical software applications and experience working with 3D mine planning software such as Vulcan.
  • Strong planning, organizational, management and communications skills.
  • Northern Canada mining experience preferred.

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