Mentee –

MRC is working to generate interest from junior level mining professionals to register as mentee’s.
As many of you are aware, the gap between junior and senior members of our workforce/industry is quite vast. As a measure to help usher in a new generation of mining professionals and facilitate networking and knowledge transfer MRC has committed to developing a Mentor/Mentee program. We know that this alone will not provide all of the solutions to our cyclical industry, however, we are optimistic that it could create some new relationships, some possible job leads, and hopefully some fun for those involved.

Admittedly, we are both excited and apprehensive in rolling out this program.  During this initial phase, we will rely heavily on those of you who express interest and take part in this program to provide us some feedback so we can better coordinate and improve this collaborative process.

To begin, we ask that you apply here to become a Mentee. In your application, please provide us with the required information in the following registration form, as well as with a cover note to expressing your area(s) of specialization/interest, location (city/state/open) you’d prefer be a Mentee from.  Additionally, it will be helpful for you to briefly describe your areas of interest and the kind of experience you would like to see in a mentor. We will then do our best to provide an introduction for you to a number of possible mentors. At that point all you have to do is make a connection.

We would appreciate your informing us should you initiate a mentoring relationship. We’d like you to briefly share your observations on this engagement and will welcome the opportunity to stay in touch with you.




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